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Manifestation of Infinity December 18, 2007

Posted by Alexandre Borovik in Uncategorized.

According to Vladimir Arnold (see my previous post), these are manifestations of infinity in the real world:




1. A proposal to John Templeton Foundation at Freedom of Science - February 10, 2008

[…] their scholastic practice. Among other subjects, e.g. this blog about Infinity which has the best definition of infinity I ever saw. [↩]This is not related to the eye. Helen Keller may have had better perception of […]

2. m - April 21, 2008

off-topic :

Has there been a post on Boltzmann constant and statistics? There is some ( a lot?) of discussion in older literature relating it to infinity which i find very appealing.

3. dcorfield - April 22, 2008

No post on the Boltzmann constant. Could you give us some indication of this older literature?

4. Infinity symbol « A Dialogue on Infinity - April 8, 2009

[…] a recent talk in Ankara, Sasha Borovik used a photograph like those in his post Manifestation of Infinity. How does infinity appear in a picture of a ferry approaching a dock? One person in the audience […]

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